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Kalen Meek
Mar 23, 2024
In Share Your Memory
Carl is my first friend. We met as neighbors when I was six years old. I spent so much time with Carl I invited myself over for supper more than once. We played endless hours of Ninja Turtles on Nintendo, G.I. Joe action figures, front yard Wiffle Ball and pried to eat pizza for every meal. It was the greatest part of my young life. Carl has made me a better person and showed me life’s greatest joys through his smile, laughter, love and light. I will forever cherish my dear friend’s memory and continue to teach the many virtues he has taught me. To Laura; I’m sorry for pestering you as much as we did. Carl and I received great joy at your expense. To Sue; You are a beautiful and caring mother and I will forever be grateful for you bringing Carl into this world. Your patience and love are boundless and have made a great impact on many people’s lives. To Rai; Thank you for accomidating Carl and I into your study to play our games and the many other shnannigans that must have been seen through your windows. You raised a great person and I will always cherish our memories.

Kalen Meek

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